The most best sugar free chocolate chip cookies ever!

Hello my dessert loving friends! How has life been treating you since we last talk? Well, I hope.

Life for me has been humming along. I have continued my journey with to eating better with less sugar but with full flavor. I will forever love desserts. I will never give them up. And I am not alone.

Photo credit WordPress

On my journey to finding new no sugar recipes, I keep finding food bloggers who have made the transition to eating good with less sugar or have adapted well loved high sugar desserts like chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake.

Photo from Chocolate Covered Katie website

One such blogger is Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie. Prior to my sugar free journey, I had never come across her blog. And never would have because she is a dedicated to creating healthy dessert recipes. The thing is she is not a health buff herself.

She walks for exercise which is the extent of commitment to physical fitness. However, she is committed to providing unbelievably delicious dessert recipes that are healthier.

And I am so glad she is committed to this. She has opened up a whole new world of dessert eating that I can do simply and my family loves what I am making.

The first dessert I made was her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was skeptical of how they would turn out. I had tried some from a bakery which were decent and prepackaged which were palatable. None resembled in look or taste even the most average of chocolate chip cookies. Most recipes I saw did not sound appealing. This recipe was different.

One, it was a highly rated recipe with over 500 reviews of 4.75. Two, the ingredients were super simple – almond flour, sugar free chocolate chips, sugar free sugar, salt, baking soda, coconut oil (I used Ghee), vanilla extract and almond milk. If you are living more of a sugar free lifestyle and are a baker like me, you will usually have these items on hand. And three, it super simple to make. You mix the dry ingredients, then the wet ingredients and then mix them both together. Form chocolate chip balls, put in the oven, bake and viola. The yummiest cookies ever. And I wasn’t alone in this.

Dry ingredients
I use Ghee Butter over coconut oil

The first time I made these, my husband ate half of them in a day. So I made some more. My daughter ate half of those and then asked for them one more time. Three times I made these cookies in a 3 day period. The sugar eating people were eating my good sugar free cookies! It was crazy but also nice that had to make the cookies for my husband and daughter are enjoying my baking. I live for the dessert love!!!

My baked cookies – I like them in a ball versus flat

I encourage you to make these today. You will not be disappointed.

Now for the traditional cookie eater, I recommend this chocolate chip cookie recipe by Jocelyn Delk of Grandbaby Cakes. She will forever be my favorite baker. When I feel like having something more decadent, that’s one of the places I go.

Well I am on a roll with this new way of cooking.

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