Lily’s Chocolate, No Sugar Lemon Cookies and Winning My Sister Over to Low Sugar Desserts

Hello my dessert loving friends!!! I’m back with another edition of What’s For Dessert? Today I want to talk to you about my new go to chocolate bars, this fantastic food blog I found and how my sister is slowly coming around to low sugar dessert eating.

My new chocolate BFF!

When I began my journey to eating less sugar, I made a decision that I would still eat dessert. I just had to find the right replacement. And within two weeks, I had found it in the craziest of places the candy aisle of Kroger.

Halfway down the aisle passed the full size, fun size and mini sized candy bars and among the exotic and varying types of chocolate were these colorfully wrapped sugar free chocolate bars made by a company called Lily’s.

Lily’s was started in 2010 by Cynthia Trice who needed to make some major changes to her diet. A chocolate lover who has created more than 50 sugar free chocolate and gummy creations, Cynthia, according to her website, has “self-crafted, delicious, drool-worthy sweets that don’t need any added sugar.”

My favorite flavor! (Photo courtesy of

Cynthia girl, I don’t know you, but thank you for not giving up on chocolate. I know God had me in mind when he gave you the insight to create these delightful chocolate treats.

These sugar free delights taste very much like the regular luxury chocolate bars like Lindor. And like Lindor, these chocolate cannot be eaten all at once. I eat 1/3 of a candy bar at time. One bar can last me for a week. But you may different. Give it a try and let me know.

However, chocolate is reserved for weeknight treats. I still like to make dessert for Sunday. Lately those desserts have been sugar free. With each passing week of eating sugar free, I find dessert recipes that taste more and more like my full butter and full sugar favorites.

Yummy Lemon Sugar (Not really) Cookies

This week I found a scrumptious Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe by food blogger and cook Carolyn of All Day I Dream About Food.

Anybody who dreams about food all day is my kind of person. Carolyn is dedicated to making many of the desserts we all love so much into low carb treats that diabetics and people just striving to cut it back a bit.

When I came across her site, I was excited to land on her simple recipe for lemon cookies. This recipe is not one those four ingredients or less recipes; however, it is pretty quick and easy to make.

The cookies are made with almond flour, Swerve sweetener, eggs, vanilla, and a few more items. After you mix all the ingredients, they are easy to roll into balls, place on a cookie sheet and put into the oven.

In about 15 minutes or so I had some the most flavorful lemon cookies that smelled absolutely amazing. The whole house filled with the smell of warm cookies.

Once they cooled, I slathered them with icing. I chose to make lemon sandwiches cookies which was one of the ways suggested for serving.

Freshly Lemon frosting sandwich cookies

They were ready to serve as an after dinner treat.

My Sister Is Coming Around

As you know, my sister and I have Sunday dinner every week. I cook dinner and dessert. She comes and enjoys. However, I have had to alternate dessert for her as she has not really enjoyed any of my no sugar treats.

She completely rejected my cream cheese brownies. She does like Lily’s Chocolate but not better than real chocolate.

On this Sunday, we had each gotten a regular cupcake from church in celebration of our Women’s Day. For her, this would be her dessert.

Never one to pass up a good cupcakes, I did have a few precious small bites and threw the rest away. My sister was appalled.

I reminded her that I am on my journey to better health and that starts with different food choices. She agreed while slowly enjoying her entire cupcake.

As she ate, the air began to fill with the fresh smell of lemon cookies. Initially uninterested in tasting the cookies, her interest now was piqued.

I offered her a taste of the icing to show her that no sugar desserts can be just as good as the regular desserts she enjoys.

Upon licking the icing, she accepted my offer to try a cookie. Her eyes widen as she ate the cookie.

“I could eat this. This is really good,” she shared finishing the cookie. She congratulated me on making something even she liked.

Slowly but surely I am winning her over.

Me winning my sister over!

A traditional recipe

However, in spite of my change in dessert habits, I still love a good regular dessert recipe and found the perfect one from Food and Wine.

Their Lemony Butter Cookies rate a near perfect 5.0 from 5,800 reviews. Wow! Those must be some yummy cookies. These cookies are simple as well both in ingredients and preparation.

If you are lemon lover, you now have two great dessert recipes to fit anybody you have to your home for dessert.

As we are firmly into Fall, I will be looking to make warm cinnamon and spice and everything nice dessert for next week.

If you have a sugar free recipe to recommend for the Fall, let me know. I love trying new things. Also, if you are looking for a good fall recipe both regular and a sugar free version of a family favorite, let me know. I will help you find one that your whole family can enjoy.

See you next week!

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