The Three Bites Rule, My New Low Sugar Life and No Sugar Cheesecake Brownies

Hello my dessert loving readers. Today I want to share with you more information about my line of dessert snacks I will be selling and my journey to reduce sugar in my life.

I know I know. How do you introduce a line of dessert snacks that use sugar while working to reduce your overall sugar intake?

It’s easy. It’s called the three bite rule. While it’s not known how this rule originated, there are many articles about it effectiveness to help people like me who want to literally have their cake and eat it too!

Three Bite Rule

Photo by Christopher Howard from FreeImages

The three bite rule simply states that each progressive bite of a dessert or entree after the third bite has a “pleasure declining” factor to it. It just not as good as the first three bites.

Which I agree and disagree with.

I agree that some things don’t taste as good after a few bites. Cupcakes for example can have too much frosting. It overwhelms the actual cake itself and makes it less tasty after a few bites.

This can happen with sundaes with too much fudge or carmel. Chocolate bars that have too many add-ins. Pies with more fruit fillings that are more fruit than filling.

They start out good but quickly lose there “yum” factor. Three bites is more than adequate in those cases.

But for the dishes that have perfect balance of flavor, sweetness and texture, three bites becomes a challenge.

Just two weeks ago a neighbor welcomed us to our new home with a box of Ester Price Chocolates. I love these candies to death.

Photo by hartini a from FreeImages

After a polite thank you for the family size box of treats, I came inside, opened the box and went in. I ate seven pieces of chocolate heaven before the pleasure declining factor kicked in. Seven.

But the great thing is that it did. And because I recognized it, after those seven pieces, I had no desire to eat any more period. So the bite rule works.

And I do it with all foods that can be sugar laden like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and other high carb foods. When I want it, I have three bites (more or less) and the rest given away or trashed.

Since embracing this rule in the last six weeks, I’ve lost 10lbs. I’m working to lose 15 more through my new low sugar life.

My Low Sugar Life

Now three bites or not, sugar will always be a part of my life. I’ll never fully let sugar go. And I don’t have to. The three bite rule always me to enjoy my full sugar treats. And my new found sugar alternatives, Swerve, allows me to make no sugar desserts that are pretty tasty and more than satisfy my sweet tooth.

All three types of sugar alternatives in the Swerve family – Photo credit – Foodbev Media

Swerve is made from various fruits and starchy root vegetables with no artificial ingredients. It is a one to one substitute for sugar.

While it’s clear upon taste it that it’s not sugar, it’s definitely not the pink stuff. It has a good overall sweet flavor that does not leave the after taste you find in artificial sweeteners.

It is also one of the few sugar alternatives that offer a brown sugar and powdered sugar versions.

I’ve added Swerve to my baking “must haves” along with almond flour. With those two readily on hand, I decided I’d try my hand at making these no sugar Cheesecake Brownies.

Cheesecake Brownies

I am a big fan of brownies. For one, brownies have chocolate. I love chocolate. Two, you can do so many things with a basic brownie recipe. You can add nuts, fruits, marshmallows, Carmel and different types of chips.

You make can them frosted or unfrosted. Single layered or multi layered. With sugar or without sugar.

“Whattttt!,” you say. No sugar. How’s that possible? Swerve and Macbeth’s Simply Easy Recipes for Keto Cheesecake Brownies is how!

Let me tell you. I was skeptical about a brownie made with a sugar alternative. I’m a fan of sugar. And will always be. However, being the dessert venturer I am and having a desire to be my best healthy self and trusting the 1,220 people who gave this recipe 4.5 stars, I embraced it with my whole heart and fork.

The recipe was fairly simple to make as it followed a standard brownie recipe swapping almond flour for white flour and Swerve Granulated sugar for regular sugar.

Until I started paying attention to my sugar intake, I never thought about white flour as a source of sugar. I’d heard it from other people but now that I am paying attention, I see how easy it is to over do it.

Looks like brownie mix to me!

Once the brownie batter was made, I poured it into my glass baking dish and then moved on to making the cream cheese topping.

I love that whipped cream and cream cheese are naturally a no sugar product. They mix so well together. I add the Swerve. Do the finger lick taste test, and yum. It’s ready to be swirled into the brownie mix.

Yummy cream cheese frosting

Next into the oven.

I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the oven.

After about 45 minutes, I took the brownies out to cool. They smelled wonderful.

After a few hours, I cut the pan of brownies into 9 squares. I use the knife to shimmy one out to taste.

Appearance wise, they look like your regular cheesecake brownie. Taste wise. Well it’s an acquired taste. I’m just gonna be honest.

The brownie part had a wonderful dark chocolate flavor with a nice moist texture. The cream cheese part was good but is clearly not made with regular sugar. This is the taste that is acquired.

Looks yummy!

All no sugar treats have a taste that let you know it’s different. As much as sugar alternatives taste like sugar they aren’t. And if having a full sugar experience is your preference, this is not the brownie for you.

However, if you want to eat less sugar but still have some of your favorite treats this is the way to go.

While the first bite reminded me that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, each bite after was pretty good which is all I need.

Since the first brownie, I’ve eaten four more and offered some to friends who desperately want a sweet treat without the guilt. I’ll let you know what they say.

If you make the brownies, let me know what you think.

If your intrigued about my no sugar journey, tune in next week to see what I’m making next.

Oh and one more thing

On another note, I want to take a moment to share with you some details about my new dessert snacks soon to be for sale Deanan’s popcorn.

As I shared in my last post, I’ll be adding popcorn to my offerings of dessert snacks marketplace.

The marketplace offers you the opportunity to have some of the tasty treats I eat and enjoy from time to time.

I chose Deanan’s because of its variety of delicious flavors and their commitment to making products with high quality ingredients. It’s also woman owned. Double win.

I’ve had some people testing the product and giving me feedback.

Right now the top flavors are the Texas Two Step, a delight pairing of Carmel corn and spicy cheddar, Carmel Corn and Vanilla, a multi colored mix of popcorn covered with a buttery vanilla coating.

I look forward to your feedback when you purchase one of these wonderful popcorn treats.

If you liked what you read today, let me know in the comments. Also feel free to subscribe to get notifications when I share a new recipe or product review. You can also share it with your friends. Everything’s better with a friend.

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