National Black Business Month, Popcorn for Dessert and Lemon Cream Pie (Yum!)

Did you miss me?

Well, it’s been a month since we talked. I apologize. I had to take an unexpected, unplanned.break from writing.

I made the mistake to trying to do a major business project at the same time as we planned our move to our new home and my regular work schedule went into overdrive.

I was overwhelmed to say the least. I thought I could get my bearings in about a week.

Well four weeks later, I’m back. :0)

The lesson here – plan better!!

Now that the major project is complete and I’ve moved, I’m back on track.

National Black Business Month

With that said, I want to share that the project I was focused on for the month of August a month long business game for National Black Business Month. Twenty black owned businesses were apart of a bingo game designed to get people to patronize those locations – online and in person.

Shopping participants were entered to win weekly prizes as well as a grand prize of $100. It was fun for the participants and profitable for the businesses.

Bingo Card Used For NBBM Dayton

And each participating business made a contribution to support a special project at our local library. It was a cool venture. But a lot of work!

However all this work with black businesses has encouraged me to start an online store selling one of my favorite things – dessert snacks.

Did someone say snacks?

My online store, WhatsfordessertYvette, will feature a variety of dessert snacks and dessert accessories to help you create the most wonderful dessert eating experience possible. The site will launch on November 1.

I’ve already started doing some in-store testing with the snacks. I want to make sure to provide my community of online dessert lovers with the best dessert snacks possible.

One product we are testing is Deanan’s Popcorn. With 8 unique and yummy flavors, this newest addition has made its way to the shelves of Theze Dealz in Dayton, Ohio for testing.

This popcorn is the best!

Over the next eight weeks I will tell you more about the popcorn and the other snacks we plan to offer.

Now on to dessert.

Sunday’s Dessert – The Best Lemon Pie ever

Before my hiatus, I decided to make one of my mom’s favorite desserts – Lemon Cream Pie. This pie was one of my mom’s favorite dishes to whip up. My mom made the best pie.

She would whip sweetened condensed milk with some lemon juice and pour it into a ready-made graham cracker crust. She would let it set in the fridge for a few hours. Then she would make a meringue and smoothly spoon it over the pie.

She’d put it in the oven to brown the meringue and then boom! A lemon pie. So yummy.

I decided I’d make the pie for a Sunday dinner. As I did not know the exact recipe measurements from my moms pie, I looked for one that was pretty close.

With 80 – 5 Star ratings, the Pillsbury Lucious Lemon Cream Pie was a perfect fit.

All the ingredients was just like my moms except they added heavy whipping cream to the pie filling.

Before making the pie, I put on my mommy’s bunny slippers for moral support.

My mom is in the house (slippers that is)

Although the recipe called for a pre-made crust, I made my own. It’s so easy and I enjoy eating the graham crackers.

I love graham cracker crusts.

Next I whipped up the filling. I always enjoy watching the whipping cream go from liquid to stiff peaks of creamy goodness. Once done, I poured the filling into the pre-baked crust and sat it in the refrigerator for several hours.

Love the creamy top

When I tell you this was so lemony, creamy and light, it was like heaven. I enjoyed every bite.

Being in the lemon mode I was, I made lemon pepper chicken for dinner with some braised greens and cabbage.

Dessert is served!

Sunday’s meal was quite delightful. Another “slam bam thank you ma’am” meal in the record books.

Next week – Chocolate Chip Cookies with a twist

Next week I want to introduce you to a new world of dessert making and snacking with less sugar using recipes for people who follow a Keto or low carb diet.

I am not a fan of diets. Those don’t work. However, I am a fan of improving the quality of your life by eating better and delicious.

Last month, I decided to drastically reduce my carb intake. I still eat dessert (I’m never giving it up) but I eat less of it. And where possible I make versions that are low sugar.

I started doing this in an effort to avoid COVID weight gain. And I was quite surprised how good these dessert treats turned out. I think you will be too!

Now go eat dessert!

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