Loose burgers, making ice cream in a Cupcake jars and perfect duo’s

You may have noticed that the blog posts have been a bit later than usual. Well that’s because I’ve been working on a special project that has really been a bit time consuming.

I cannot share much today but I can say that in working on this project I came across the most precious thing – a children’s cookbook featuring recipes by my daughter.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you may have noted how I talk about my lack of cooking skills. As a result, I cooked as little as possible. When I did cook it was mostly prepackaged.

However my daughter Lyric and her dad would save the day and make dinner for all of us to enjoy. One of their favorite meals was Loose Burgers. My husband got the recipe from a co-worker.

It was a simple recipe of skillet cooked seasoned ground beef stuffed into a mayoed, toasted hamburger bun topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. It was a family favorite.

And at the tender age of 6 she shared her favorite recipe with all her classmates.

It’s been a while since we had those delicious burgers so I to put those on the menu for dinner today. And I think I know the perfect dessert to go with this family favorite – mason jar ice cream.

You all know I love Twist Cupcakery especially those cute little cupcake jars. They are so delicious. Every time I promise myself I’ll only eat half the jar and save the rest for later. But in a blink, it’s gone. And then I’m left sad with an empty jar.

But not today. I’m taking that jar and making ice cream.

Using a recipe from New York Times cooking, I made ice cream in a jar. It was simple but took muscle strength.

First I grabbed my mason jar from the cabinet. I have no idea what happened to the lid. I had just saw it. However, I was undeterred. I just got some foil and a rubber band. I would need it to make the ice cream.

My empty Twist Cupcakery jar

Next I added whipping cream…

Now let it whip


Oh sugar. Ah honey honey.


A dash of vanilla.

And a pinch of salt.

A pinch of salt in my little hand.

I had to shake it vigorously for five minutes.

My jar with its homemade lid
Look at me go!

Next I put it in the freezer.

And three hours later…viola ice cream.

And it’s yummy. It’s creamy with a light sweet and vanilla taste. Calorie wise much better than average ice cream. It’s a winner all by itself. But in decided it wouldn’t stay by itself. I made a marble sheet cake to go with it!

The perfect duo! Ice cream and cake! A great end to a Sunday dinner! Now to start planning for next weeks dessert.

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