Satchel Paige, Sugar Cookies and Kebab Day!!! What’s the connection?

As I do every week, I started planning my Sunday dinner. And I always start with dessert.

For a while, I was picking dessert based on what popped up in my email or Instagram. However, I’ve discovered the National Day Calendar and it is now my new dessert guide.

There are so many days dedicated to food including desserts. Just this week alone we’ve celebrated National Graham Cracker Day, Apple Turnover Day, Strawberry Sundae Day, and Chocolate with Almonds Day.

Then there the celebrations of the week. This week is National Nude Recreation Week. Yes, this is real thing. There is a planned celebration dedicated to this and it has an organization. There is truly something for everyone.

Finally, the site recognizes monthly holidays like National Anti Boredom month. This observance was established in the 1980’s by Alan Caruba to encourage people to keep life spicy beyond the Fourth of July.

Oh and let’s not forget our international days like Kebab Day which is today. Which brings me to Satchel Paige and Sugar Cookies.

On July 9th 1948, Satchel Paige began his career as pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. He was the first African American to play in that position as a part of a Major League Baseball team and the oldest starting at age 42. He would play until he was almost 50 years old.

Photo credit: Baseball Hall of Fame

Years earlier before Satchel Paige was even a thought in this world, a new dessert, the Sugar Cookie, was unceremoniously introduced as a way to create a sweet treat with a few ingredients – flour, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla.

Photo – Happy Days 365

Birthed in the 1700’s in Pennsylvania, the beloved sugar cookie was created by German Protestant settlers. However, it would be two centuries later, around the 1950’s, when Pillsbury began selling the pre-cooked cookie dough in grocery stores that sugar cookies rose to become one of the most beloved American cookies.

Now here is the Satchel Paige/Sugar Cookie connection. At some point in time, the sugar cookie was designated with its own day of recognition. You know when?

Yep, you guessed it. July 9th! Crazy right! July 9th celebrates Satchel Paige and #nationalsugarcookieday.

Therefore, in honor of one of America’s greatest baseball players, Mr. Satchel Paige, I am making sugar cookies for tomorrow’s dinner. I’m using a recipe from the popular dessert site Sugar Spun Run. This recipe has a 4.8 with almost 500 reviews. You can’t go wrong with these cookies.

Photo credit – Sugar Spun Run

And since, today July 10th is National Kebab day, a very popular british holiday, I am making these delicious Middle Eastern-Style Grilled Chicken Kabobs using a recipe from Once Upon A Chef.

This has been a full and tasty week. I can’t wait to see what we celebrating next week. I am already looking forward to dessert.

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