High Hogs, Sour Cream Cake and The Return Of What’s For Dessert Podcast

Well it’s official. This past Memorial Holiday was the first holiday in over a year without a mask. From Walmart to Speedway, more and more there were signs stating “vaccinated people can shop without a mask.” Woohoo! Free at last but don’t stand so close to me. There are a few things that will remain unchanged for me. I will maintain social distancing and avoid all buffets – for now.

A docu series on Netflix – photo from Releasestv.com

Speaking of freedom, the Netflix limited series documentary High On The Hog exploring the ties of slavery and African American cuisine. This must see docu series was described by a Variety Magazine May 26th article “(as a) show that that reveals stories behind the food of the African American table and its relationship to Black history.”

In the first episode I learned so much about the foods I love and their close connection to my ancestors. From rice to black eyed peas to yams (real ones not the sweet potato lookalikes we call yams), my sister and I sat glued to the television taking in all of the history.

The series makes it clear from the beginning that the foods many people of all races enjoy today were first introduced in America as a result of the slave trade. Over time those foods became apart of the food fabric of America.

It is a fascinating series. I still have to watch the remaining episodes. I’m tempted to fast forward to the episode focused on Juneteenth desserts. As this holiday is fast approaching, I’m eager to start planning my celebration menu.

Southern sides pie and ribs

For this past holiday of remembrance, my menus for Memorial Day featured Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs and my southern sides pie. It’s simply greens and Mac and Cheese all served layered in a hollowed out tin of corn bread. You just cut it like a cake. It was spectacular.

The lovely Sour Cream Cake

The sweet treat for dinner was my sister’s delicious Sour Cream Cake made with a recipe from Taste of Home. The unique addition of sour cream gives this cake its moist texture and glossy shine. The addition of powdered sugar really sets it off.

Powdered sugar makes it extra yummy!

This is the kind of cake that you wake up and eat for breakfast with coffee the next day. At least I did. I highly recommend you try this recipe out. I promise you will wow your friends and family.

On another wow note, on this wow Wednesday, wow May is over and June is here. After a month long break from podcasting I’m back this Monday. I have an exciting line up of guests including my favorite cupcake lady, Kate Rivers of Twist Cupcakery.

I can’t wait to get back on the mic and share with you the latest and greatest in dessert love.

Finally, I have my first order of Dessert snacks out the door! Thank you to my buyer from Columbus Ohio! If you have not ordered yours yet, I invite you to order today and get some of this deliciousness.

Next week I’ll be sharing my dessert picks for Juneteenth and Fathers Day. Get ready to be motivated to go bake, gather the family and enjoy dessert.

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