Book Signings, Peach Cobbler Cream Cheese Pound Cake and 5 Memorial Day Desserts That Will Make Your Family Flip

Hey everybody, remember my podcast guest Zontaye Richardson, owner of Theze Dealz and, at the time, soon-to-be-author? Well, she is not soon-to-be anymore, she is an author and her book “It’s More Than Just Clothes,” is flying off the shelves.

Grab a copy today!

The introduction of her book is not just exciting for her but for me too! I had the privilege of writing the foreword of her book. Nearly 200 people have a book in their hand that has my name it. Next to the book of life, I am pretty excited about it.

My name is in here!!

If you are a business owner or thinking starting a business, which I highly suggest you do, this book is a perfect first step to get started. There are a few copies still available so order yours today.

When you are ready to get started in business, check out these what I call first steps to starting a business tools – Launch Dayton (for residents of the greater Dayton region) and How To Start A Home Based Business by Lynn Richardson (for everybody else and Daytonians too).

A desire to do something fun while earning a few dollars is why I started What’s For Dessert. I get to have great conversations about desserts while earning revenue from ads and product sales. It’s a win win. Plus I truly enjoy sharing and eating delicious dessert with all of you.

Speaking of sharing recipes, today I want to share DariusCooks recipe for Peach Cobbler Cream Cheese Pound Cake. When I say making this pound cake will make you a winner in the eyes of all your friends and family, you will be a star!

Fresh out the oven
Look at those peaches baked perfectly into the cake

Made with canned peaches, a lot of cream cheese and cinnamon, this cake is a stand out dessert and perfect for any special occasion or get together. When I made this cake, I shared it with my friend Lena and she went gaga! She did a whole video singing my praises for making this wonderful cake.

Viola! Perfect with lemon glaze

I just want to say thank you to Darius Williams for creating such wonderful recipes that makes anyone who cooks them shine.

I made Simply Savory’s Cold Weather Chicken and Biscuits for dinner to pair with dessert. Another fabulous Sunday meal completed.

Now it’s time to plan for the upcoming holiday – Memorial Day.

I am toying with the idea of doing another peach based dessert like the Peach Cobbler Bread Pudding Floats featured in a recent MyFabulousFood Instagram post by Chanel Murphy-Lowe.

What about you? Have you made a menu for the upcoming holiday? Even if it’s just you, you should enjoy the day eating delicious food and, of course, dessert. If you have no idea what to make, let me inspire you with these five suggestions:

Peach Honey Pound Cake – Dash of Jazz

Homemade Lattice Cherry Pie – The Hungry Hatch

Apple Fritter Donuts With Maple Glaze – Sweet Tea and Thyme

Kentucky Butter Cake – Diva’s Can Cook

Southern Double Crusted Cinnamon Sugar Peach Cobbler – Half Baked Harvest

Okay I got you started, now you go finish.

Don’t forget to shop your weekly dessert snacks in the Dessert Marketplace. Today’s featured product is Oh Mazing Oatmeal Raisin.

Oatmeal Raisin

Check out this testimony from Zontaye Richardson about how good they taste.

Grab a bag online or at TheZe DealZ in Dayton Ohio.

A satisfied customer!

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