Dark Chocolate, Rootbeer Floats and Sweet Potato Pie

Then you panic because you’ve never known the difference between a sweet potato and a yam and both are on the counter, and if you start making a yam pie you’ll never hear the end of it. — Ellen DeGeneres


For many years, I was not a fan of dark chocolate. My only interest in the ebony colored cocoa bar was the supposed health benefits it had to offer. “It’s good for the heart,” one article says. “Lowers blood sugar and helps with you cholesterol (the good one),” another article said. However, it was my friend, Lena, who you read about a few weeks ago, that told me it helps you lose weight because it satifies your sweet tooth like dessert. Did someone say dessert? Your speaking my love language.

Encouraged by her, I went to the store in search of dark chocolate. I went to the candy section and oh boy did I find it. Shelves and shelves of it. Some brand names I knew like Lindt and Hershey. Others I had never even heard of. Then there was the various percentages of a thing called cacoa in each. What is cacoa? Is that the foreign name for chocolate. And what was the difference between 30% cacao versus 70% cacao. I had no idea but a quick google search got me up to speed quickly.

Cacao is in fact another word from cocoa. According to the Spruce Eats the name is derived from the tree that produces chocolate. Cacao is a bean. When used raw or unroasted, its is referred to cacao. Unprocessed, pure, perfect for vegans. However, a roasted cacao bean with a few things added in is referred to as cocoa.

I would learn quickly when I finally bought a bar 70% cacao (because I thought a higher percentage would mean its sweeter. Who knew the higher the percentage the less the sugar?) that I did not like cacao. It was bitter, not creamy and expensive. It be a while before dark chocolate again. When I did, it was Hershey’s Dark Chocolate chopped up in Banana Bread (thank you Chrissy Teigen).

Then I stumbled upon Kanda Chocolates. Oh wow, wow and wow!

When I tell you it is the best dark chocolate I have ever had, it is the best. However, considering my limited dark chocolate experiences, this may not be saying much. So I will let the product speak for itself.

Kenda Chocoaltes are made from 100% Ghana cocoa beans. This fair trade, GMO free ingrediants bar offers three levels of chocolate deliciousness milk chocolate, dark chocolate and extra dark chocolate (38%, 56% and 72% cocoa respectively) for milk chocolate and goes as high as 72% for extra dark. And believe or not, I like the extra dark the best. Just sweet and creamy enough to satisfy my sweet tooth during the week, but at only 170 calories per ounce it is better for my waist line. I love it and I know if you try it you will too.

Three varities of deliciouness

This is why Kanda Chocolate Extra Dark Chocolate will be the first dessert snack that I offer on this site starting Mothers Day Weekend. Be on the look out next week.

In the meantime, I have been satisfying my sweet tooth with a various delicious treats. For our family get together this week, I did blast from the past and got everyone blended rootbeers (rootbear blended with vanilla ice cream) from A&W Rootbeer. It was quite delicious.

A&W Rootbeer Blended and Traditional Rootbeer Float Side by Side

But the highlight of the weekend was the magnificent Aunt Baji’s homemade Sweet Potato Pie by Tinka Treats. Baker and owner, Charmaine Webster, started baking pies for family and families eight years ago.

I am not sure who the little girl is but she is so cute!

When the pandemic hit, she decided it was time to take her pie making from hobby to business. Now a certified home baker, she is cranking out pies by the dozens. And we had one of those delicious beloved pies.

Just picked it up and get a quick taste

It was quite remarkable. The lovely whipped sweet potato filling in a crimped edged pie shell made for a delightful end to our Sunday dinner of Spicy Citrus Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa (a marvelously flavorful and light dish from Meiko And The Radish).

Spicy Citrus Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Next up, Mother’s Day. It’s time to get to planning. What’s on your menu? Whatever you plan to do, I suggest you start with dessert first.

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