Good bread, 100 Cookies and Lena The Poet

Listen to this week’s podcast sharing more about today’s post.

Today I am going to start today’s post singing the praises of a new cafe in Dayton Ohio called Grist. This new addition to the downtown Dayton scene “produces fine-dining caliber bread, pasta, and specialty provisions” as shared on their website.

I had their Smore Tart, the Lemon and Pine Nut Tart and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie. Those were delightful; however, their homemade bread was deadly. We ate a whole loaf in two days. Most of that was just eating it plain, straight out the bag.

The deliciousness of Grist

My husband has already commanded me to buy more before something happens and they close and we never get to taste such deliciousness again. I agreed I would when they reopen on Tuesday. It’s on the calendar.

Now to the desserts.

Well after a few weeks of trying surprisingly delicious vegan meals and desserts, I sought out a new desserts. And happened upon the book 100 Cookies by Sarah Kieffer.

Sarah’s blog The Vanilla Bean describes her as a self-taught baker who is a ‘home’ baker. She has been featured in a number of leading publications for her amazing recipes and contributes to a number of publications as well. 100 Cookies is the follow up from her first book The Vanilla Bean Baking book.

I’m going to tell you right now I sat down, looked at and salivated over every single picture. I turned the pages very slowly, perusing the recipes filled with extraordinary amounts of butter, sugar and flour.

The recipes run from the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie to the fruit themed Banana Cream Pie Bars to the next level Creme Brûlée Cheesecake Bars to my chosen dessert for this week’s Sunday Dinner Cinnamon Roll Blondies.

While there are literally 100 delicious recipes to chose from, I settled on this one because it reminded me of my dessert success of making Ree Drummonds Cinnamon Rolls. I had a hit once before. I thought I could hit it again.

Now, let me start by saying this was an easy to make dessert but it had a lot of components. You really have to pay extra attention when making it. I would say you should have at least a dozen dessert successes under your belt before attempting this recipe.

Our Cinnamon Rolls Blondies were gone in no time.

However, with so many recipes to chose from, you can find a number of easy to make, novice level recipes in the book.

I will tell you the best part about making this dessert was the making of the cinnamon swirl mix and the cream cheese dollops. They are finger and spoon licking good. You can so that part and that makes it worth the hassles of making.

The dessert turned out amazingly well. It takes just a cinnamon roll baked into a Blondie. Nice chewy buttery edges with a soft cream cheese cinnamon topping sets this bar like dessert a part from others like it. And the best part – no white chocolate chips which are usually found in blondies. I am not a fan of white chocolate in brownies.

My family throughly enjoyed these luscious treats. However, in an effort to keep from eating all those Blondies myself I shared the love and gave servings to other family members and to my friend, Lena Fields Arnold. As a guest on the podcast this week I thought it was fitting that she should be the beneficiary of delicious things.

Lena is the author of several books, a poet and a motivational speaker. She has recently been featured on a number of talk radio and web based shows. You can learn about Lena on website, read her featured poem The Finish and by listening into this week’s podcast “Blondies, Ice Cream and Poetry.”

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  1. Totally loving this blog, and not just because I am a fan of that awesome poet Yvette interviewed named Lena Fields-Arnold. LOL


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