Oreos and the last of the Vegan Butter

Let’s talk Oreos and vegan butter.

Picture from Good Eggs

Vegan butter and Oreos What’s For Dessert?

As you know, for the last two weeks I have dabbled in the vegan world. And it has been wonderful. The world of food has changed tremendously over the last decade. There are more vegan options than ever before. I know this because every January our church does a fast of sorts. For about 10 years we would fast from meat, dairy, bread and desserts for 21 long days. This was a shock to the body. The church body and my personal body.

This restriction little to eat as we ate mostly meat, cheese, and bread. The ideas of just fruit with no heavy syrup or veggies with just vinaigrette. Yuck!

And the non meat aspect – wow. The loss of the savory taste flavor of meat for 21 days sounded like suicide. What were we going to eat!

Soy based or plant based products was the substitute our pastor suggested. A practicing vegetarian at the time and a vegan now, he knew gave us guidance about what could replace those things.

For the first time I went to the health food store looking for meat and dairy substitutes. Back then it was the only place you could find those things. And they were expensive and not tasty. But because we wanted to be united in having greater spiritual health through this fast we made it work.

I ate more fruit and vegetables then than I had ever eaten. I struggled eating the faux meat. It wasn’t the greatest. The highlight of the day was a baked potato with vegan butter and sour cream. It was like manna. Oh and the nuts. We ate soooo many nuts.

When the 21 days ended we went straight to McDonalds. It was great then a few hours later the bubble guts kicked in. Eating meat after 21 days of no meat was a shock to the body.

But we got passed that quick. While many people shared that their blood pressure and blood sugar normalized due to the changes most went back to their old diet. We didn’t.

We held on to a few things. And over the next 9 years of this, we saw our mainstream grocery stores like Kroger’s and WalMart develop whole sections dedicated to vegan and vegetarian eaters. The number of products offering vegetarian and vegan versions of full meat and full dairy foods and dishes exploded. The fasts were still a challenge but not impossible.

Today we still eat some meat and dairy but it’s been drastically reduced. I’ve never had high blood pressure or blood sugar and I never plan to. I have increased my awareness about what goes in my body.

This is why I despite my past disastrous cooking experience I was determined to try again and get it right. Cooking your own food is one the best things you can do to improve your health. You don’t have to wonder what’s in the food you eat because you know. Because I have been more conscious about what I eat, I find that eating less meat, dairy and meat based products helps with all that.

And I have been able to do that because the products are available to help me do so. I don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health. I can have them both. And you and your family can too.

This why when I had left over Earth Balance vegan butter from the carrot cake I made last week, I decided to use it to make these awesome vegan Oreo Cupcakes.

I love Oreos. They are one of my favorite packaged cookies. And there vegan. They are because the blogger said they were. That’s good enough for me. They taste good by themselves or in a dessert like the Oreo Cheesecake I talked about in the first episode (if you haven’t heard it check it out).

I came across this recipe on the Feedspot – a content reader that pulls all your favorite blogs into one place. Since I’d been looking at vegan desserts weeks before this one popped up in this week’s feed.

Initially I was worried about how good this recipe by Desiree of I Can You Can Vegan would be. Not because she not a well known and established food blogger and cook, but because the ingredients for the cupcakes was well a bit blah.

I already felt I was sacrificing a bit with the vegan butter. I mean it’s not butter. But unsweetened applesauce, unsweetened milk with vinegar (I know I know it’s for the buttermilk base but it’s not sweet.) There is not enough sugar in this cupcake. Just 1/2 cup for 12 cupcakes. And six crushed Oreos. Is she insane! I added two more Oreos just because I needed to make sure it’s full flavor.

Sunday is the one day I day I believe you should have an amazing bazillion calorie dessert. Then eat sensible the rest of the week.

Now the frosting had a ton of confectioners sugar but I’m a true cupcake lover. I like to have a good cupcake. Frosting is a bonus. I just didn’t want a cornbread cupcake. I’ve had this before and I’m not a fan.

But I trusted the process and went forward in faith. And it was worth it. The cupcakes came out moist. The crushed Oreos came through nicely. And they were huge. I made six instead of 12. And the best part. It was not cornbread.

The icing, as it should be, was a bonus. It hit all the sweet notes I look for in a dessert.

This dessert was a perfect match to our Sunday Dinner of Pulled Pork with Big Daddy’s Carolina style sauce, Braised Cabbage and Mac and Cheese Cauliflower. If you haven’t planned next weeks dinner and dessert I recommend this one.

Well that’s it for another post of What’s For Dessert.

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