Desserts at Disney

Did somebody say Disney and Desserts? What’s For Dessert?

Last year our family went to Disney World. In spite of the pandemic which derailed our plans three years in the making, we made it! And we had a blast. For seven days, we rode rides, watched performances, walked everywhere and ate everything. From the burgers at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe to the Dole Whip found at most parks and all the restaurants at Disney Springs and the Animal Kingdom in between, we had it all. No expense was spared.

And we came home debt free. None that charge up the credit or spending bill money. We planned our trip right down to the meals. We knew where we were eating everyday and knew how much we could expect to spend.

Trips are the best when you have the ability to spend without care which is why we had the opportunity to experience so many good things especially delicious desserts.
During our seven day vacation, we ate at over a dozen restaurants and cafes including some of the most popular eateries like Cosmic Ray’s Startlight Cafe, Saana, Topolino’s, the Polite Pig, the Boat House, Morimoto and Oga’s Catina. We drank and ate and drank and ate some more. It was true Disney magic.
Now as this blog is about desserts, I wanted to share with you a list of our favorite desserts as they were experienced by us.

The Skolbread is absolutely incredible!

  1. The Dole Whip (virgin and boozy versions) – This is one of Disney’s most beloved and highly regarded treats. We had it on day one at the Magic Kingdom. It was a truly delightful treat. Its tastes like a pineapple slushy. While Disney’s Dole Whip has distictive flavor you can only get there, it is a dessert that you can duplicate using a pretty simple which I shared in last week’s episode. You can have this delightful treat at home using this recipe by Bellyful.
  2. The Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar is a perfect ice cream treat with creamy vanilla ice cream covered in decadent chocolate. Its like a Dairy Queen dilly bar on steroids. However, unlike a Dilly Bar, the frozen treat is shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. We enjoyed eating those big ears right off. Crunch crunch. Grab a box of these delightful trip the next time you’re at Target.
  3. The Pongu Lumpia in the Animal Kingdom was a delightful pastry with a pineapple cream cheese filling treat offered at Pongu Pongu in the world of Pandora inside Animal Kingdom. If you recall, Pandora is the name of world in Avatar. You are invited to recreate this delicious delicacy at home – although I cannot guarantee how they will turn out as I have not tried this recipe yet but what the heck, try it anyway. Nothing to lose.
  4. The Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Polite Pig at Disney Springs. This decadendt treat was amazing on so many levels. While it may not be as good as Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies to some, it was magnificent to me. The chocolate rocks with a touch of salt is a perfect mix of sweet and savory. There isnt a recipe for this particular cookie but there is one that is pretty close to the Gideon Bakehouse cookie that is another Disney favorite.
  5. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe’s famous Skolbread at Epcot was the perfect ending to our vacation. This cream filled donut confection is unlike anything we had ever had. So named because it is a treat school students in Norway packed in their lunch according to The Disney Food Blog. This unique treat has a home version as well. Again, no guartees but feel free to try it.
Ice Cream with ears!

In a recent podcast my childen and I talked about our Disney experience and our personal favorite desserts which are listed above. Listen in.

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